Gift ideas for summer celebrations

Summer is within reach and we have the best time ahead of us. Summer is also a wonderful time with various celebrations and parties. Graduation, holidays, vacations – everything that can be celebrated should be celebrated. With us, you will find a large selection of gift ideas for all the highlights for the summer. Get inspired by our lovely sandals, fluffy slippers and our home and interior collection. Regardless of the occasion you will find something that will make the recipient feel special.

Happy giving!

Tip 1

Birthday, holidays, vacations – everything that can be celebrated should be celebrated.

Tip 2

Home decor in genuine sheepskin

The art of being kind

One of the most basic laws in life is that every act of love,

kindness and generosity will return to you many times over. Giving without expecting anything in return fills your life with joy and companionship. And who doesn’t love to receive gifts?

Most people usually give gifts during Christmas and birthdays. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be limited to these more obvious occasions. On the contrary. To get the most out of the surprise moment, we should pay more attention to each other when we least expect it. Via Shepherd, it’s possible to show appreciation to loved ones all year round with fantastic gifts. A go-away gift for the neighbor, cuddly

autumn rug for grandma, Monday-blanket for your partner or summer slippers for the best friend as a moving-in gift.

Finding ways to tell someone how much you like that person on a daily basis is really very simple. And somewhere in the middle of the least expected, or most obvious, occasions there is someone who feels appreciated, loved, surprised, and seen. But it doesn’t stop there.

It will bring just as much back to you.

Lao Tsu wrote several thousand years ago

that “kindness in words creates confidence, kindness in thinking creates profoundness, kindness in giving creates love.” Something

to live by, maybe even more so today.


Gift box

Gift box with silk ribbon. A gift becomes so much more meaningful with a beautiful cover.


Women's Shoes & Sandals

For comfort every day.


Lovely sheepskin

Decorated with Swedish curly sheepskin, provides warmth to all rooms of the house.

Shopper in sheepskin

A shopping bag in durable wool or sheepskin gives you room for almost anything – from your laptop to an extra pair of shoes and an umbrella.