Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1.General conditions

Shepherd of Sweden AB adheres to both Consumer Purchase Law and laws regarding distance and off-premises contracts, such as postal orders, internet sales and telephone sales. To be able to order, the customer must be an adult, 18 years of age, or have a guardian’s approval. Customer in this instance means an actual person.

The contract is in English.

We reserve the right to correct any obvious errors, for example, pricing errors or printing errors, after purchase.  If you are not happy with the corrections, we have made you can of course cancel your order without extra costs to yourself. We reserve even the right to discontinue with your order if, for example, the product is no longer available in the warehouse or because of any technical difficulty.

If you wish to adjust your order once you have placed an order with us, you may only do so as long as your order has not left the warehouse. All products will remain the property of Shepherd of Sweden AB until such time as full payment has been received by us.  Shepherd of Sweden AB reserves the right to cancel a purchase if there is any suspected deception.


Orders of Shepherd of Sweden AB’s products are made online at www.shepherdofsweden.com. All incoming orders are answered with a written order confirmation via e-mail.

The order from Shepherd of Sweden AB is binding after the order conformation has been received by the customer.

Shepherd of Sweden AB reserves the right to refuse an order from a customer. All orders are binding. If the customer has made an order with us by accident, then it is imperative that the customer contacts us immediately.

You have free shipping on orders above 65 € (other wise 6 €) and free returns on everything except on our home range where you pay the return freight yourself.

We reserve the right to cancel in the event an order is sold out.


All prices are in euro including VAT, which at the time of printing is 25% in €. Shepherd of Sweden AB reserve the right to make changes to VAT and other prices to goods, which are outside of our control. A fee is charged for express delivery and eventual postal/invoice charges.

Shepherd of Sweden AB’s VAT number is: SE556236250801


Credit Card Payments: Payment with Visa or MasterCard is accepted. Chose the preferred card payment and follow the instructions. The goods are shipped directly after payment and no other fee will be demanded.

Invoice: We offer payment via an invoice with our collaborative partner Klarna. With invoice payments, goods are sent to the customers registered address. If the customer wishes for the goods to be sent to an address other than the customers registered address, then we ask that the customer choses a payment method that is not by invoice. Payment shall be made within 14 days. If payment is late, the customer will have to pay a reminder fee, a default interest rate and current reference interest rate.

Payment plan: We offer a payment plan in association with Klarna. The customer can, at anytime during the payment plan, pay off the remaining payment. The payment plan is offered and shown during checkout.

For the actual conditions follow this link: https://www.klarna.com

5. Delivery time

Standard delivery means a delivery from our warehouse within 2-4 working days. Deviations from this can occur and if that is the case the customer will be contacted. Shepherd of Sweden AB cannot be held responsible to deliver an item that is sold out or that is no longer in production.

6. Late delivery

In the event of a delivery being late, we will contact the customer. We shall do all that we can to deliver your goods as quickly as we can. The customer always has the right to cancel the order in the event of an extensive late delivery.

Situations can arise where we are unable to follow through with an order. This can be, for example, our contractors cannot follow through with their delivery to us. Shepherd of Sweden AB reserves the right to refuse compensation to a customer in the event of such situations or due to a late delivery.

Important! In rare cases, the postal service misplaces/loses letters and packages, we do not replace these.

7. Right of withdrawal/exchange

Shepherd of Sweden AB applies those laws related to purchasing goods by distance and off premises, for example, telesales, internet purchases and postal orders. This means that the customer has 14 days, after purchase, to return goods. Use the return shipping label which is enclosed in the consignment. All goods which are to be returned must be properly packaged, in original wrapping and condition. The goods must be parcelled up in a way as to avoid damage during the return. The customer is responsible for the transport risks involved with returning goods to Shepherd of Sweden AB.

For ease of identification of the returned goods, enclose the delivery note and the return slip which came with the delivery. All goods shall be returned in unopened original packaging. If, after delivery, the goods are no longer wanted, they should be returned within 14 days. You have free shipping on orders above 65 euro and free returns on everything except on our home range where you pay the return freight yourself.

When your return is received and accepted, then the customer will receive a refund.

Shepherd of Sweden AB reserves the right to debit the customer if goods are missing or not returned in their original condition.

During Christmas, we extend the right of return until 14th January 2022.


The customer has 14 days, from when they have received their goods, to decide whether or not to exchange their goods. Remember that it is not possible to use the return slip to wish for something in replace of that product being returned. The way the customer does this is to place a new order directly from our homepage for the goods the customer wishes to receive in exchange for the returned goods.

All goods which are returned to us for exchange must be in original condition and have all labels and tags still attached to them.

Remember that the customer can move forward the invoice expiration date with Klarna so that the return or the exchange has time to be registered.

8. In case of complaint

Shepherd of Sweden AB applies Consumer Purchase Law in the case of complaints. We will however, exchange faulty or broken goods without extra costs to the customer. Remember not to sign for any products that have obvious damage that could have resulted during transit. If this is the case then make a complaint directly to the collections area (can be the post office), and ask them to return the faulty goods back to Shepherd of Sweden AB and write the reason for the return of the goods. After the goods have been sent, write an e-mail to     shop@shepherdofsweden.se with information regarding the complaint.

If the complaint is regarding damage or faulty goods, we shall make a manual assessment and eventually request the goods if we deem that necessary. If the complaint is upheld, we will replace the product with a similar product. If we do not have the possibility to replace with a similar product, the customer has the right to cancel their order and get their money back. We can only make a refund by the same way and to the same account which was used when the purchase was made.

9. Unredeemed parcels

If, for any reason, the customer does not collect their parcel, they will be liable to pay the costs for unredeemed parcels. These unredeemed parcels have a fee attached to them, which for the time being is 250SEK.  The fee is deducted afterwards. In the event of non-payment, the collection fee will be forwarded to a debt collection service.

No exceptions are made.

10. Safety

In connection with an order, the customer agrees, according to the law, that we store and use their details in our concern so that we can fulfil our commitments to them. Shepherd of Sweden AB will product the customer’s personal details according to the Data Protection Act. The customer always has the right to see their personal details that we have registered. If the personal details are wrong, or incomplete, the customer has the right to have the details changed or deleted. We shall never give out personal details from a customer without the full awareness of that customer. The same can be said about e-mail addresses. Shepherd of Sweden AB uses encrypted data transfer so that payment and personal details are made on safe websites. Shepherd of Sweden AB never saves credit card details.

11. Reservation

Shepherd of Sweden AB reserves the right against possible mistakes in the content and the pricelists on the website.

Shepherd of Sweden AB reserves the right to make changes in the assortment and has the right to remove goods from the assortment before an order has been completed. We reserve the right not to be held liable for goods being sold out.

Shepherd of Sweden AB reserves the right not to be held accountable for possible printing mistakes on this website. We do not give any guarantees that all the photos are an exact representation of the products for sale. As our products are mostly natural products, there will be differences in colours, tones, hues, shape and form.

Shepherd of Sweden AB reserves the right to adjust the prices of possible pricing mistakes.

12. Cookies

According to the law regarding electronic communication which came into force the 25th July 2003, visitors to websites have to be informed about the use of cookies. When the customer visits this website, cookies are saved on their computer. These cookies are session cookies and they are used to keep track of the customer’s login, if they are logged in, and the customer’s basket when they shop with us. Session cookies are not saved for a long period of time on the customer’s computer and they disappear when the customer closes their web browser.

If the customer does not want to accept cookies it is possible to adjust your settings to automatically deny the use of cookies on your device. Be aware that if cookies are disabled then the customer will not be able to pur

13. Dispute Resolution

We, at Shepherd of sweden, always try and solve disputes directly with our customers. If the dispute cannot be resolved, the customer has the oppotunity to contact an alternative dispute resolution board to put forward their complaint.

Shepherd will follow the decision and recommendations from ”Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden” (ARN) as well as Indepentdant Dispute Resolution Boards. You can therefore contact ARN with reference to your claim against Shepherd.

Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden
Box 174
101 23 Stockholm


ARN are included in the National Register of approved Dispute Resolution Boards according to the requirements laid out in the European Parliaments and Councils directive 2013/11EU of the 21st May 2013, regarding alternative dispute resolutions with consumer disputes.


The following link will take you to the European Commissions website for dispute resolutions: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/?event=main.home.show