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Celebrate with Shepherd of Sweden. Let's honor someone we care about. We have gift ideas for him and her, featuring a selection of sheepskin and wool. At Shepherd, we love to give and believe there are always occasions to celebrate. Showing appreciation and thoughtfulness for our loved ones is a beautiful and heartwarming gesture. We have gifts that will be cherished for a long time, whether it's a fluffy slipper that warms your feet in the evenings, a sheepskin that accompanies you out on the porch, or the chair cushions that join you at the dinner table.

Calm Neutrals

Shepherd of Sweden, natural Sheepskin. Quality controlled.

Unique and Timeless Beauty

Each sheepskin is a masterpiece of nature, with its unique textures and shades. From the gentle hues of natural wool to the rich, comforting touch, our collection adds an element of rustic elegance to your home. Whether draped over a chair, laid out as a luxurious rug, or used as an accent piece, sheepskin adapts to your home's style. It complements both modern minimalism and traditional decor, making it a versatile choice for any room.

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