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Welcome to us at Shepherd

Founded in 1982, Shepherd of Sweden seamlessly combines traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics from our base in Svenljunga and manufacturing facilities in Europe. Our slippers, shoes, home furnishings, and accessories strike a balance between what's current and what's enduring – the essence of timeless Scandinavian elegance. Our products are available across Europe, the United States, and parts of Asia.


Embracing the essence of Scandinavian simplicity, our journey begins with a careful selection of the finest sheep skin and wool, materials known for their durability and natural elegance. These materials are the cornerstones of our product range, offering an unparalleled level of comfort, functionality, quality, and style.


It is through the skilled hands of our artisans that these raw materials are transformed into curated pieces, ensuring that each product is an embodiment of our unwavering dedication to meticulous craftmanship. The living structure of the sheepskin, and the movement in its texture, make each product unique and completely natural.

Traditional & Timeless

In our pursuit to elevate your everyday life, we are committed to creating handcrafted all-season pieces made to last, where function meets elegance, and each product encapsulates something traditional yet timeless. And that is the essence of everything we do.

100 % experience

We can try to describe a feeling, a sensation or a scent, but they can only be fully understood through experience – which is precisely what our products and genuine sheepskin are all about. 100% experience.

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