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High quality sheepskin products.

Here at Shepherd, we specialise in creating sheepskin products.

Since starting the business in 1982, our experience has enabled us to establish and maintain a consistently high standard across all of our products. Every step of the process – selecting the best skins, preparing them, and finally sewing them in our own workshop guarantees the highest quality.

We take responsibility for the entire process, from the preparation of the raw skin to the finished product. We buy our sheep and lamb skins from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, England, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

The leather we use is a by-product of the meat industry. We select skins for our production based on key criteria including wool density, wool structure and leather quality.

Animal welfare is as important to us as the quality of approved Shepherd product. We, therefore, place high demands on all our partners, in order to ensure that animal wellfare is paramount. This includes making random checks and visits to all of our suppliers.

We require our suppliers to maintain and follow our “Shepherd Code Of Animal Treatment”:

– The sheep shall always have good access to food and water. They shall be kept in an environment that is natural for them. They shall have constant supervision and be otherwise cared for so that the animals’ health is promoted and unnecessary suffering is avoided.

-We do not allow any breeder to make use of mulesing.

-We do not permit animals to be transportes by boat.

When you buy a Shepherd product, you know it has been created with care.

To make sure that all our customers can be proud of our products, we have high demands and think conscious in all our actions. We also have high demands on animal welfare and code of conduct

Interested in what our demands are to our suppliers?

CoC Shepherd of Sweden

Code of animal treatment

Approved Testing Institutes

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